Alabama Medical License Service

Virtual Cred Possibilities is averaging 2 to 4 months for issuance of an Alabama medical license. Delays usually stem from the inner workings of the Alabama Medical Board and not the verification process.

Alabama Telemedicine Medical License:

The ALBME is one of a handful of State Boards that offers a Telemedicine License. The purpose of the Telemedicine License is to allow seasoned Physicians to avoid the SPEX examination. Often, seasoned Physicians are grandfathered in by their Board Certification organizations and are not required to Re-Certify every 10-years because of this. However, they do not extend their Telemedicine License to all qualified Physicians. It is only extended to those Physicians who are practicing in a State which has Reciprocity with the Alabama Med Board (ALBME).

ALBME does not have a list of Reciprocal Boards which is published. Virtual Cred Possibilities’ staff will call on behalf of each physician in advance of filing the application to determine if the Physician will qualify for the Alabama Telemedicine License to avoid the SPEX examination.

License Requirements

School Transcripts and Form
Internship/Residency/Fellowship Forms
All-State Licenses (past/present)
Examination Scores
Fingerprint Cards/FBI Background Check
ECFMG (if an International Graduate)
Training Exam Requirements
Examinations 75% +
3 attempt limit Step 3 USMLE
10 total attempts- USMLE
7-year limit-USMLE
1-year PGY for USA Grads
3-years PGY for Non-USA Grads
State Exam Accepted if Pre-1975
SPEX Exam Required if not Board Certified within the last 10-years

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