Indiana Medical Board License Service is averaging 1 to 2 1/2 months for the issuance of an Indiana Medical License from the submission of the application to the Medical Board to the issuance of the Physician held Indiana Medical License. is well versed in submitting the Indiana application and in what order to provide documentation, ensuring the Indiana Medical Board does not misplace verifications. Our experience with Indiana is such that we can push the process through and even see licensure at the 30-75 day mark. Once the files are deemed complete by the Indiana Medical Board, the medical license is presented at the next monthly Medical Board Meeting. If the Physician is in need of an expedited Indiana Medical License, Indiana will offer a Temporary License. This is customarily issued within 2-3 weeks of filing the application.

The Physician cannot have any disciplinary issues and must hold a valid United States license to receive this license. The Indiana Medical Board is not a difficult board to deal with if problems exist with the application. Extend processing times may occur if the physician is required to make an Indiana Medical Board Appearance.

Additional Indiana Medical Board Licensing Information:

The Indiana Medical Board is one of the fastest licensure processes in the USA. Even though they require a Board Meeting for approval, the process is abbreviate enough to allow for extremely fast Medical Licensing. can obtain a temporary license in 2 to 3 weeks after filing the Medical License Application. This is the reason that Indiana is the number one State for Military Physicians who are seeking their first medical license.

The Indiana Medical Board requires that a physician hold a State Level CDS Permit to prescribe after the license is issued. The CDS (Controlled Dangerous Substance) application can be submitted at the same time as the Full Medical License Application. This is highly recommended to ensure there is no delay in your ability to practice and prescribe once the Medical License is issued.

License Requirements

Medical School Transcripts – Notarized Copy
AMA/AOA Profile
Training Diplomas – Notarized Copy
All-State Medical Licenses
National Examination Scores (USMLE/FLEX/NBME/NBOME)
ECFMG Certification
Training Exam Requirements
Examinations 75% +
3 attempts limit per Step – USMLE
10-year limit
1-year PGY for USA Grads
2-years PGY for International Grads
State Exam Accepted if Pre-1975
No SPEX Exam Requirement

Contact Information

402 W. Washington St.
Room W072
Indianapolis, IN 46204

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