Medical Accreditation

At Virtual Cred Possibilities, we streamline the entire medical licensing process for you. We’ll handle your application from start to finish, speeding up the process and eliminating the headaches of obtaining a medical license for a Physician, Physician Assistant or Nurse in any U.S. state.

Obtaining initial or subsequent licensure in another state can be complex and lengthy. It is critical for whoever is submitting your application to be current on recent changes to state legislation. Common mistakes on applications include simple clerical errors resulting in application dates not matching certificates, missing a license, checking an incorrect box on an application that triggers further review, lack of primary source verification and failing to follow up that third party verifications are sent to the board.

Our Virtual Medical Staff Professionals navigate the complex waters of state applications, avoiding pitfalls and saving you weeks or months of time. Our efficient process is as simple as uploading your CV for review. Rest assured that your application will be handled with 100% accuracy and results. Our team will chase down verifications and follow the paperwork to ensure a complete submission to state board standards. Physicians should be focused on patients, not paperwork.

For large practices and healthcare systems, our team will create custom solutions that will help you to meet the medical licensing requirements of individual states. Our white glove service is second to none. Our experts know the state approval processes inside and out and we are dedicated to your success.

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