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State PGT for domestic GradsPGT for International Grads ABMS/SPEX/10 Year RuleStep 3 USMLE AttemptsUSMLE 7 Years
Alabama1 Year 3 YearsYes 3 (10 total attempts)7
Alaska2 Years3 YearsNo2 attempts per step7 or 10 (MD/PhD)
Arizona1 Year 3 YearsYes - Exempt if Board CertifiedNone7 if first license None if Licensed
Arkansas1 Year3 YearsNo3 Attempts per step 7 or 10 (MD/PhD)
California1 Year2 YearsYes - Exempt if NBME or ABMS410
Colorado1 Year3 YearsNoNone7 or 10 (MD/PhD)
Connecticut2 Years2 YearsNoNone7
Delaware1 Year3 Years No67+
Florida1 Year2 YearsNoNoneNone
Georgia1 Year1 Or 3 Years 1 Year if Med. Sch. Approved by california. 3 Years If Med. Sch not approved by california No37 or 10 (MD/PhD)
Hawaii1 Year2 YearsNoNone7
Idaho 1 Year3 YearsNo2 per step 7 or 10 (MD/PhD)
Kansas1 Year3 YearsNo3+10
Kentucky2 Years2 YearsNo4 per step None
Louisiana1 Year3 YearsYes4-step 2 & 3 10
Maine1 Year before 07/2004; 2 year after 07/20043 YearsNA3* waiver required if more than 3 7
Maryland1 Year 2 YearsYes - Excempt if board certified 410
Massachusetts1 Year 2 YearsYes67+
Michigan2 Years3 YearsNoYes - 3 Attempts Yes 7 Years - 4 years to pass step 3 from first attempt
Puerto Rico1 Year 1 YearNoNone7
District of Columbia1 Year 3 YearsNo3+7
Minnesota1 Year 2 YearsYes3 ( If not licensed ) 4 ( If licensed & Board Certified )Step 3 must be passed with in 5 Years of step 2 or before the end of the residency traning
Mississippi 1 Year 1-3 YearsYes37
Missiouri1 Year 3 Years No37
Montana2 Years3 Years No37
New Hampshire2 Years2 YearsNo3None
New Jersey1 Year If before 07/03, 3 Years if after 07/033 Years No57
New Mexico2 Years2 YearsNo67 Or 10 ( MD/PhD)
New York 1 Year3 Years NoNoneNone
North Carolina1 Year3 Years Yes - Exempt - 150 CME Hrs 3 Years 3 Attempts per step7 Or 10 ( MD/PhD)
North Dakota1 Year3 Years No3 Attempts per step7
Ohio1 Year2 Years No5 Attempts per step10
Oklahoma1 Year2 Years No3 Attempts per step10
Oregon1 Year3 YearsYes - Waiver if ABMS & 150 CME Hrs in 3 Years3 Or 4w / Board Certification 7
Pennsylvania2 Years3 YearsNo NoneNone
Rhode Island 2 Years3 YearsNo 3 Attempts per step7
South Carolina1 Year3 YearsYes - Waiver if 150 CME Hrs in 3 Years4 attempts per step10
South DakotaComplete a residency Complete a residencyNo 37
Tenessee1 Year3 YearsNo 37 (waived if licensed in 3 states )
Texas 1 Year3 YearsNo 3 Attempts per step7
Utah2 Years2 YearsNo 37 Or 10 (MD/PhD)
Vermont 1 Year3 YearsNo 37
Virginia1 Year2 YearsNo None10+
Washington2 Years2 YearsNo 37+
Virgin Islands1 Year2 YearsNo None10+
West Virginia1 Year3 YearsNo 610
Wisconsin2 Years2 YearsNo 3+10
Wyoming1 Year1 YearNo 7 total USMLE attempts 7